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What a difference a week makes

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What a difference a week makes regarding the AB’s and Wallabies!

Even the most ardent supporters of both teams would not have predicted that score line.

A ruthless AB tam certainly upped the ante against the Aussies, who with two tries, when the test was well and truly out of reach, gained a tiny bit of respectability. Great to see the AB’s willing to attack from deep within their own territory – Savea’s try and Beuaden Barretts audacious attack from behind his own goal line!

As mentioned last week the key to putting pressure on any team, is getting go forward ball. Something that the AB’s did extremely well.

Looking forward to the Puma’s on the 6th September, who were unfortunate not to get a win against the Springboks. It will certainly be a test at scrum time after the Pumas put the Boks scrum under pressure. Mind you that’s something that you expect from a nation that has always been strong in that department.

On the home front, it was great to see the Naki demolish the Moo Loo’s after a below average start in their first two games.

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